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The minerals of the Evje and Iveland district in the Setesdal have become famous among both scientists and hobby collecters. The former group was especially interested in the exotic composition of some of the minerals, while the latter group admired the beautiful crystals and colors many of the minerals displayed.

At this page we present some of the highlights of the Fennefoss Museum in Evje. We are grateful for kind permission of the Evje and Hornnes municipality to use pictures of these minerals on the website of the Setesdal Mineralmesse.

Click on the thumbnails in order to see a full size picture.

ORTHOCLASE - var. ADULARIA Landsverk I mine, Evje adularia_01_mini
AESCHYNITE-(Ce) Iveland aeschynite
ALLANITE-(Ce) Iveland allanite
AMAZONITE Landsverk I, Evje amazonite
BERYL Brattekleiv, Evje beryl_06_mini.jpg - 6824 Bytes
BERYL Ljosland, Iveland beryl_01_mini.jpg - 4118 Bytes
BERYL Iveland beryl_04_mini.jpg - 6608 Bytes
CALCITE Landsverk I, Evje calcite from Landsverk I, Evje
CALCITE Landsverk I, Evje calcite_02_mini.jpg - 4100 Bytes
CHABAZITE Landsverk I, Evje chabazite_01_mini
FERROCOLUMBITE Brattekleiv, Evje ferrocolumbite
FLUORITE Landsverk I mine, Evje fluoritt - Landsverk I, Evje
ILMENORUTILE Iveland ilmenorutile_01_mini.jpg - 6469 Bytes
MONAZITE-(Ce) Landsverk I, Evje monazite_02_mini.jpg - 4709 Bytes
MONAZITE-(Ce) Landsverk I, Evje monazite_01_mini.jpg - 6928 Bytes
PYRITE Knipane, Iveland pyrite_02
PYRITE Landsverk I, Evje pyrite_04
QUARTZ Landsverk I, Evje quartz from Landsverk I, Evje
QUARTZ Landsverk I, Evje quartz_02_mini.jpg - 5786 Bytes
QUARTZ Landsverk I, Evje quartz_05_mini.jpg - 6186 Bytes
QUARTZ Landsverk I, Evje quartz_09_mini.jpg - 4975 Bytes
QUARTZ Landsverk I, Evje quartz_10_mini.jpg - 7608 Bytes
QUARTZ Landsverk I, Evje quartz_14_mini.jpg - 5564 Bytes
QUARTZ Landsverk I, Evje quartz_04_mini.jpg - 3575 Bytes
QUARTZ Landsverk I, Evje quartz_03_mini.jpg - 8612 Bytes
SPESSARTINE Iveland spessartine_01_mini.jpg - 6490 Bytes
STILBITE Landsverk I, Evje stilbite_01_mini.jpg - 7530 Bytes
STILBITE Landsverk I, Evje stilbite_02_mini.jpg - 6410 Bytes
THORTVEITITE Kåbuland, Iveland thortveitite_01_mini.jpg - 5696 Bytes
THORTVEITITE Undeland, Evje thortveitite_03_mini.jpg - 2389 Bytes

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