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AUST-AGDER NATURMUSEUM OG BOTANISK HAGE - this is a section of the expositions, highlighting some classic minerals from especially the south of Norway. With strong educational emphasis. Agder Naturmuseum og Botaniske Hagen
FENNEFOSS GEOMUSEUM - Geomuseum with a comprehensive collection of local minerals. New thematical expositions on quartz, mica, beryll, gemstones, Pierre and Md. Curie and more. Fennefoss Museum
IVELAND MUNICIPALITY MINERAL COLLECTION - This freely accessible museum (workdays 8.15-15.30) has been completely refurbished in 2009. It is one of the major Evje-Iveland collections and for both the connoisseur and the rock-minded novice a must. Iveland Kommunesamling
MINERALPARKEN - A uniquely built museum, with most of the imposing collection displayed in cases hogged out in the walls of mine-tunnels. This will give you a real "underground" experience! You can also rent rowing boats and there is serving of food and drinks. In the shop you can buy minerals and jewelry. Setesdal Mineralpark


EVJE MINERAL TRAIL - These pegmatite mines are in operation for touristic purposes. A fresh supply of rock guarantees new finds all the time. Pieces of amazonite or crystals of quartz were readily collected last year. Sympathetic prices. Mineralsti
IVELANDSGRUVENE 5 different mines accessible for mineral collectors against a modest fee. No website available


FLÅT NICKEL MINE - The Flåt mine was once the largest nickel mine in Europe and a decisive factor in the development of Evje as a centre of commerce. The mine was abandoned in 1946, but the last couple of years the upper levels have been made accessible for tourists. Here you can get a real underground experience, giving a good impression how miners worked 150 years ago. arrow_right_round.gif - 1230 Bytes


BERYLLEN MINERALSENTER - About 20 km south of Evje you will find a good rock shop, with the best collection of Norwegian minerals, nice foreign minerals, a big assortment of jewellery and other souvenirs. Beryllen Mineralsenter
EVJE MINERAL TRAIL - shop with stone souvenirs. Mineralsti
MINERALPARKEN - Stone shop with mainly foreign products Mineralparken
ODDESTEMMEN STEINSLIPERI - The shop at Oddestemmen Steinsliperi is specialised in jewellery from own workshops, gift items and Norwegian and foreign minerals. Oddestemmen Steinsliperi

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Oddestemmen Steinsliperi