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Here we present a number of links where the Setesdal Mineralshow is supported by a link,
and some links of general interest to mineral collectors.


Mineralien WeltOne of the leading German mineral magazines with plenty of up-to-date information for mineral collectors. Mineralien Welt is a sponsor of the Setesdal Mineralshow.


Bobs Rock Shop
By far the most comprehensive site for anything related to geology, mineralogy, gemmology etc.


DMF.gif - 4791 BytesThe DMF is a German institute representing the interests of both mineral collectors and commercial enterprises.


The Dutch national society for anything related to amateur geology.


GeonordA Swedish website with plenty information and links both to Scandinavian and other websites.


One of the better German mineral magazines.


An online mineralogical database.


One of the major belgian mineralogical societies.


logo_NAGS.gif - 5335 Bytes
The official website of the norwegian NAGS (Norges Amat°rgeologers Sammensluttning), with lots of information about collecting in Norway, norwegian minerals and much more.


One of the most active collectors in Europe, probably!

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